“I have been purchasing with 1 Auto for a few years. I can see that they are constantly improving their business to bring better buying experiences to their customers. Congratulations to the new website. It is a whole new buying model which has impressed me. I have not seen any website similar yet hope you can continue to improve. Look forward to our future dealings.”
Laura S.
30 Sep 2021, 11.05AM
“1 Auto has helped me owned my first car in my life. They have constantly been updating me on my shipment and status. When I saw my car when it reached me, it was just as described and listed. I am very happy and am proud of my car. You have saved me lots of money.”
30 Sep 2021, 11.08AM
“I have purchased my vehicles from other websites previously, however the quality of the vehicles received have always been below satisfactory level. I tried 1 Auto, and they have been proofed to be reliable. Small issues have been carefully highlighted prior our sales. The rest of the car which were mentioned to be in good condition are as described. I am impressed by the level of professionalism that they put into the sales standard. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Keep up the good work!”
30 Sep 2021, 11.09AM
“I had limited budget to purchase my car. 1 Auto had just the car which I required. They have gone the extra mile to help me change the alloy wheels to my dream design at a very low cost. Thank you for helping me source for the alloys. They are perfect with my car. Thank you!”
30 Sep 2021, 11.09AM
“I received my car 2 weeks ahead of time. Thanks to their operations department whom help me arranged for the next available vessel which was 3 days from my confirmation. I believe no other exporter will manage to do what they have done. Car condition was great apart from the some scratches on the car which was well mentioned during sales. Thank you and I am looking forward to drive it once the car is back from the paint shop soon.”
30 Sep 2021, 11.13AM
“1 Auto has offered a similar vehicle to me at a lower cost from my usual dealership. I doubted the quality of the car initially however I decided to give them a try in the end. 1 Auto has really delivered the car what they have described. I only have to sort out the rear suspension which were on the softer side. Thank you for saving me some money. I will come back soon for my next car.”
30 Sep 2021, 11.14AM
“This is my first self-imported car and have no experiences in importing. 1 Auto has sorted every thing from the clearance from port to land transport to my country. The appointed local agent has been very helpful in getting the car inspected and delivered to me in a short time. My family can now travel in ease to purchase our groceries. Thank you.”
Jake M
30 Sep 2021, 11.14AM
“1 Auto’s website is very easy to use. Communication is easy and they were very systematic in their sales process. I got my car in last week and have been driving it daily. I have not been able to take my eyes off my car. It is addictive. Thank you, 1 Auto. You have made me a happy man once again.”
30 Sep 2021, 11.16AM
“1 Auto had the ideal car for me. I purchased the car immediately as it was rare. The asking price was also lower than the previous car which I have missed out on. Condition is perfectly as described. I have sent the car to my local restorer. I hope to get it back and send you guys some photos in future. Thank you!”
30 Sep 2021, 11.17AM

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