Is the year of manufacture accurate and as listed in your website?

Yes, We can provide original export certificates with online verification functions for all cars exported from us.

We will be able to source for your required car in a relatively short time. However, it depends of the model availability in Singapore. Speak to our sales team and they will provide the necessary details.

Cars with owner manuals will be shown in picture form within the sales listing. Feel free to let our sales team know if you require a copy of the manual, we might be able to source before shipment.

80% of all our cars come with spare keys. The number of keys are usually taken and shown in the sales listing. Feel free to contact our sales team for a special rate for spare key duplication for your specific needs.

We will be able to provide OBD scan test on all cars listed by us. It will provide you with a electronic health report on the car you intend to purchase.

Any scratches will be made known before sales. As most shipment will be shipped via RO-RO, scratches are kept to the minimal as there will not be any loading and unloading issues.
Should there be major discrepancy, feel free to contact our sales team, they will have your issues sorted in no time.

We carry most major brands and models available in Singapore. Should you require some models not within our site, feel free to contact our sales staff.

All cars are carefully selected before purchasing. Usually, cars with major faults will not be purchased. For small issues, usually it will be reflected during sales before your confirmation.

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